Playa hating

Playa hating (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /play-ah-hate-in/

Also spelled or known as: Player hatin’, Playa hatin’, Player hating

Related: Player, Hating, Playa hating, Player hatin’, Player hatin’

What does Playa hating mean?

To be acting jealous or speaking out against a player.

Example sentence: “He gets no girls that’s why he’s playa hating.”

Playa hating in songs:

“You see the wrist moving, it look like pure punch I hear the playa hating but I don’t endorse such” – Lil Wayne, 6 Minutes.

Drop bombs like detonations cause my calculation’s stimulatin’ And still y’all waiting, just waiting to start y’all playa hating” – Dessy Hinds, Vinyls.

Pockets is packed with presidents, pursue your riches Evading the playa hating tricks while hitting switches” – 2Pac, If I Die 2Nite.

“Everyday it’s the same thing, L.A. ain’t changed Niggas still playa hating, but Dre ain’t changed” – Dr. Dre, Bang Bang.

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Playa hating
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Playa hating