Brawl (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /br-all/ Related: Brawling, Brawlin’ What does Brawl mean? A fight, typically involving a lot of people. Brawl Synonyms: Bang out Example sentence: “They had a brawl after a couple drinks.” Brawl in songs: “Two shots of blue Hpnotiq and soon I’ll Turn this pool hall to a barroom brawl” […]


Brawlin‘ (slang) Type: verb, slang Pronunciation: /br-all-in/ Related: Brawl, Brawling What does Brawlin‘ mean? To be fighting. Brawlin‘ Synonyms: Bangin’ out Example sentence: “The cops came around the time they were brawlin’.“ Brawlin‘ in songs: “He ready to get in the brawlin’ and boxin’, I’m calling the shots as top MC” – A-F-R-O, Gotta Be […]


Brawling (slang) Type: verb, slang Pronunciation: /br-all-in/ Related: Brawl, Brawlin’ What does Brawling mean? To be fighting. Brawling Synonyms: Banging out Example sentence: “The group of teens were brawling after school.” Brawling in songs: “My niggas be on all of that, gun fights, fuck a brawling match” – Young Pappy, Homicide. “You’re not brawling, pressure […]