Bobby Tarantino

Bobby Tarantino (nickname)

Type: noun, slang, nickname

Pronunciation: /bob-e-tah-ren-tino/

Also spelled or known as: Bobby-Tarantino

What does Bobby Tarantino mean?

Logic’s nickname.

Other Logic Nicknames: Young Sinatra

Logic’s real name: Sir Robert Bryson Hall II

Example sentence: “Logic also goes by Bobby Tarantino.”

Bobby Tarantino in songs:

“Call me Bobby Tarantino living on the level And I’m prophesizing everything we know” – Logic, Super Mario World.

“My name Bobby Tarantino, Logic ain’t here right now, leave a message if you want, ho” – Logic, Yuck.

“All the way to Maryland, yeah, we comin’ for all ’em Bobby Tarantino to the Digital My shit is pivotal, smokin’ chronic, no medicinal” – Logic, Wu Tang Forever.

Bobby Tarantino, get the C note, oh yeah, there he go Tell me they love it, they want it, they need it” – Logic, ICONIC.

Bitches call me Bobby Tarantino We know I’ma get the C-note, then I relocate Fuck her then I bounce, hell nah, I can’t do no date” – Logic, Twisted.

“How you go from Bobby Tarantino to the boom bap? It’s a trap Bring it right back, I do it all ’cause I’m like that” – Logic, State of Emergency.

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Bobby Tarantino
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Bobby Tarantino

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