Boom bap


Boom bap (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /boom-bap/

Also spelled or known as: Boom-bap, Boom bap rap, boom bap music

What does Boom bap mean?

A subgenre of hip-hop music signified by hard bass, crispy kicks and snapping snare drums.

Boom bap Synonyms: Hip-Hop, Rap, Trap Music, Conscious Rap, Emo Rap

Example sentence: “The golden era of hip-hop produced great boom bap music.”

Boom bap in songs:

“This is boom bap, mixed with new raps” – A$AP Rocky, LVL.

“Skilled in the trade of that old boom bap” Q-Tip, We Can Get Down.

“Wait, we need that, it’s that boom bap flow they need back” – Joey Badass, Blackkk Krown.

“I won’t ever leave this rap shit, no I can’t depart it
From the trap to the boom bap” – Logic, Thank you.

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Boom bap
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