Black Lipped Bastard

Black Lipped Bastard (nickname)

Type: noun, slang, nickname

Pronunciation: /black-lip-bas-tard/

Also spelled or known as: Black-lipped Bastard

What does Black Lipped Bastard mean?

Ab Soul’s nickname.

Other Ab-Soul Nicknames: Soulo

Ab-Black Lipped Bastard real name: Herbert Anthony Stevens IV

Example sentence: “Ab-Soul also goes by Black Lipped Bastard.”

Black Lipped Bastard in songs:

“The black lipped bastard with the four eyes” – Ab-Soul, We Run This.

“I ain’t the black lipped bastard no more, I’m more mature” – Ab-Soul, Only 1.

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Black Lipped Bastard
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Black Lipped Bastard

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