Yuck (slang)

Type: exclamation, slang

Pronunciation: /yawk/

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What does Yuck mean?

An expression of disgust.

Yuck Synonyms: Yucky, Eww

Example sentence:Yuck, you ate the week old chicken nuggets?”

Yuck in songs:

“Heard your pussy on yuck, I guess you needed a Pap” – Nicki Minaj, No Frauds.

“Let me make it real clear, fuck nigga, pay up Broke niggas leave a bad taste, ugh, yuck” – Saucy Santana, Material Girl.

Yeah, you boys is washed up And I’m shitting on ’em like two girls and one cup, yuck” – Lil Wayne, Gonorrhea.

“He spit on the mic, yuck, saliva Hold it like a truck driver hold a CB on a sharp turn” – Viktor Vaughn, Saliva.

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