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Blue hunnits

Blue hunnits (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /blu-hunnits/

Also spelled or known as: Blue hunnids

Related: Blue faces

What do Blue hunnits mean?

Hundred-dollar ($100) bills with the blue strip.

Blue hunnits Synonyms: Blue hunnids, Blues, Blue faces, Benjamins, Franklins

Example sentence: “We like the blue hunnits.”

Blue hunnits in songs:

Ion want your broad she basic She just open up her jaw and taste it Only love the blue hunnits I ain’t racist All we know is work hard no recess” – Mally Bandz, Ben Franklin.

“Worldwide they know me in France Thank God everyday for the chance All these blue hunnits in my hands Yea I remember when I ain’t have a plan” – Rico Recklezz, Famous.

“Too many bands in my bank account (No cap) A lot of blue hunnits, a large amount Got a brick of some dope, put that shit on the boat When it come to the money, we ain’t runnin’ out” – Quando Rondo, This for The.

“My shooters waitin’ on me in the lobby (in the lobby) Ey, countin’ blue hunnits in the lobby (in the lobby)” – Playboi Carti, Exotic.

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Blue hunnits
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Blue hunnits

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