Ben franklin

Ben franklin (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /ben-frank-lin/

Plural: Ben franklins

What does Ben franklin mean?

A hundred dollar ($100) bill.

Ben franklin Synonyms: Ben Franklins, Hunnits, C-note, Blue Face, Blue Cheese, Benji, Blue Note, Hunnids

Origin: A U.S. hundred dollar federal note has a portrait of Benjamin Franklin in the front. A “Ben Franklin” is used to reference a $100 bill.

Example sentence:Ben franklin keeps the lights on.”

Ben Franklin in songs:

“And I keep it Ben Franklin, I’m not gonchange” – Chance the Rapper, No Brainer.

“We got big Ben Franklin bank rolls, bitch, we rich” – Chief Keef, Finally Rich.

“I might have a fefe on Ben Franklin yeah I’m throwin’ that” – Vic Mensa., Feel That.

I’m spendin money, spendin money Ben Franklin dizzy nigga!” – Lil Wayne, Cash Out.

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Ben franklin
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Ben franklin

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