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Blue hunnids

Blue hunnids (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /blu-hunids/

Also spelled or known as: Blue hunnits

Related: Blue faces

What do Blue hunnids mean?

Hundred-dollar ($100) bills with the blue strip.

Blue hunnids Synonyms: Blue hunnits, Blues, Blue faces, Benjamins, Franklins

Example sentence: “Can you borrow me some blue hunnids?”

Blue hunnids in songs:

“If it ain’t about blue hunnids, nigga, I don’t wanna deal with wit’ you, nah” – Quando Rondo, Bacc to The Basics.

Lotta blue hunnids they came from the bank” – Lil Baby, Banks.

“I don’t need friends, I need blue hunnids, boo” – Smokepurpp, Audi II.

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Blue hunnids
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Blue hunnids

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