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Hit it raw

Hit it raw (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /hit-it-raw/

Also spelled or known as: Hit-it-raw

Related: Hitting it raw, Hit, Hitting, Hitting it, Hittin

What do Hit it raw mean?

To have sexual intercourse without a condom.

Hit it raw Synonyms: Smashed, Hit, Fucked

Example sentence: “She always lets me hit it raw.

Hit it raw in songs:

“No protection on my heart, goddamnit, I’m gonhit it raw” – Juice WRLD, Flaws and Sins.

“I might just hit it raw, hold on, that’s not my element I like dark skins, love her melanin Huh, Christian Louboutin what I’m steppin’ in Thirty bottles of Azul, tell ’em send ’em in” – Pop Smoke, Element.

Hit it raw, yes, I am a dog, I don’t do this shit for no image All my diamonds, they be hittinhard Try to play me boy, that’s a scrimmage” – Lil Uzi Vert, Sanguine Paradise.

“I let you hit it raw, mothafucka! Now I’m pregnant, you don’t wanna get involved, mothafucka?” – J. Cole, Lost Ones.

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Hit it raw
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Hit it raw