Yay area


Yay area (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /yay-a-reah/

Also known as: The yay area

What does Yay area mean?

The Bay Area.

Yay area Synonyms: The Yay, San Fran, Yay

Example sentence: “I got a flight back to the yay area tonight.”

Yay area in songs:

“Shouts to the bay area I mean the yay area” – YG, Intro (California Livin).

“The more scrilla, the merrier I represent the Yay Area” – E-40, Rapper’s Ball.

“We feedin the underground with this Yay Area tycoon shit” – The Game, Truth Rap.

“Call the hood your yay area bitch just call it Frisco” – Jeezy, Scared Money.

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Yay area
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Yay area
Yay area