Blue note

Blue note (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /blu-note/

Plural: Blue notes

What does Blue note mean?

A Hundred Dollar ($100) bill.

Blue note Synonyms: Ben franklin, Hunnit, C-note, Blue Face, Blue Cheese, Benji, Hunnid

Example sentence: “She sniffed the white with a blue note.”

Blue note in songs:

“Miami, blue note throwin'” – KILLY, Days.

“Bitch, I’m a dawg, I’m a blue note” – Smokepurrp, Left Right.

“An angel gets its wings with every blue note I release?” – Aesop Rocky, Coward of the Year.

‘Most you bitches couldn’t be a hundred with a blue note” – RJmrLA, No Pressure.

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Blue note

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