Ben franklins

Ben franklins (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /ben-frank-lin/

Also spelled: Ben franklin’s

Singular: Ben franklin

Related: Franklin, Benjamin

What does Ben franklins mean?

Hundred Dollar bills ($100 bills).

Ben franklins Synonyms: Hunnits, C-notes, Blue faces, Blue Cheese, Benjis, Hunnids

Example sentence: “Let’s go get some Ben franklins today.”

Ben franklins in songs:

“How could they tease us? Only wanted Ben Franklins and Mona Lisas” – Travis Scott, Days Before Rodeo: The Prayer.

“100 thousand Ben Franklins is the only fucking G’s that I know” – Chief Keef, I kno.

“All about the Ben Franklins, homie” – Lil Wayne, Lil Bitch.

“Pocket full of Ben franklins no change bitch” – G Herbo, Everyday in Chicago.

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Ben franklins

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