Fefe (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /fe-fe/

Also spelled or known as: Fe fe, Fe-fe

What does Fefe mean?

A party.

Fefe Synonyms: Function, Kickback, Fe fe

Example sentence: “You tryna go to the Fefe tonight?”

Fefe in songs:

“I might have a fefe on Ben Franklin yeah I’m throwin’ that” – VIC MENSA, Feel That.

“They hit up the liquor store, then we hit the fefe up” – Lil Ceno, Fiesta

Yo main bitch, she a thot, she a eat eat (A thot she a eater), I met her out west at a fefe” – Lil Jay, Bars Of Clout 2.

“Get you fucked in jail like a fefe” – Gucci Mane, Nobody.

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