Dime (slang)

Type: noun, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /di-am/

Plural: Dimes

Related: Dime piece

What does Dime mean?

1. An attractive woman. A 10 on the attractive scale.

2. A ten-dollar ($10) bag of marijuana.

Dime Synonyms: Baddie, Ting, Shawty, Piece, Peng, Bae, Babe, Peng ting

Example sentence: “That babe outside of 7/11 was a dime.”

Dime in songs:

“Just because you mine, I’ma keep you lookin’ like a dime” – Lil Tjay, Mood Swings.

“Ridin’ ’round town with a bad ass bitch, she a dime” – Playboi Carti, No Time.

“Turn a five to a dime, that’s a double up” – Lil Baby, We Paid.

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