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Baddie (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bad-e/

Also spelled or known as: Baddy

Related: Bad, Bad bitch, Bad b, Badina

Plural: Baddies

What does Baddie mean?

A very attractive girl or woman.

Baddie Synonyms: Bad b, Badina, Dime, Smokeshow, Bad bitch, Babe, Shawty, Shorty, Gal, Ting

Example sentence: “My high school art teacher saw me at a bodega with a baddie.”

Baddie in songs:

I’m not just laid up with a baddie, got some slop top from her” – Fabolous, Goyard Bag.

Break the mattress with a baddie on the Addy (Smash)” – Offset, Ghostface Killers.

‘Cause I be the baddie, B, Barbie tings, banging body B” – Nicki Minaj, Good Form.

Shorty a lilbaddie” – Pop Smoke, Mood Swings.

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