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Land of the Dope


Land of the Dope (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /land-of-the-dohp/

Also spelled or known as: Land of Dope

What does Land of the Dope mean?

Oakland, CA.

Land of the Dope Synonyms: City of Dope, Oaktown

Example sentence: “Too Short is from the Land of the Dope.”

Land of the Dope in songs:

“We got the best weed, bitch the shit potent Land of the dope and these niggas snortin” – V-Nasty, Heroin Soap.

“Kick back, relax and listen, here we go, man To the land of the dope rhyme And as the song flows on, I really hope I’m” – Mac Dre, Gift 2 Gab.

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Land of the Dope
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Land of the Dope

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