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Lesbo (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /les-bo/

Plural: Lesbos

What does Lesbo mean?

A lesbian.

Lesbo Synonyms: Dyke

Example sentence: “His sister is now a lesbo.”

Lesbo in songs:

“I stay strapped like a lesbo Fam I only talk packs on the Encros” – Nines, I See You Shining.

Lesbo in the closet, still bouncin’ like hydraulics Six-fo’ knockin’, all these hoes like Death Row ’94” – $CRIM, Freaky.

Nah, I ain’t gay, this ain’t no lesbo flow Just a lil’ somethin’ to let you motherfuckers know” – Lil Kim, Get Money.

Condo in Fresno with the lesbo And the honey that she hit know how to stretch blow” – Styles P, Can I Live.

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