L Dog


L Dog (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /l-dog/

Also spelled or known as: L-Dog

What does L Dog mean?

A Lincoln vehicle.

Example sentence: “We were cruising in a L Dog.”

L Dog in songs:

“Now one-time hate me, cause I’m the hardest to plex 1-9-8-3, L dog for it” – E.S.G., G’z N Ballaz.

L-Dog covered in chrome, my Lac’s Spanish” – Lil Keke, Knowhatimsayin.

Hit you with the pistol grip and make your L-dog flip” – Willie D, When it Gets Gangsta.

“When y’all gon realize, I got the streets on lock And my new Caprice drop, plus I got a L-Dog” – Lil Flip, Da Cops.

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L Dog
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L Dog
L Dog

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