LBC (acronym)

Type: noun, slang, acronym

Pronunciation: /l-b-c/

Also spelled: L.B.C., L-B-C

Also known as: The LBC, Da LBC

What does LBC mean and stand for?

Long Beach, California.

Example sentence: “We’re meeting in LBC then I gotta head to Marina Del Rey.”

LBC in songs:

“Just hit the east side of the LBC, On a mission tryin’ to find Mr. Warren G” – Nate Dogg, Regulate.

“Money motivated in the LBC, come and holla at me” – Vince Staples, Get Paid.

Bad Azz representin’ the LBC Crew” – 2Pac, Krazy.

“Niggas from the LBC they never heard of ya, G” – Eazy E, It’s On.

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