Legendary (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /ledge-ind-air-ree/

Related: Legend

What does Legendary mean?

To be famous, great and deserving of respect.

Legendary synonyms: Iconic

Example sentence: “Kanye West’s new documentary is legendary.”

Legendary in songs:

“Any rumor you ever heard about me was true and legendary” – Kanye West, No More Parties In LA.

“It’s all good ’cause when you a legend, when you legendary You shine no matter what” – Nicki Minaj, Barbie Goin Bad.

Fuck a cougar like she Halle Berry, Future Hendrix, Dirty Sprite, legendary” – Future, March Madness.

“Thirty millions later, my future favors, The legendary status of a hip-hop rhyme savior” – Kendrick Lamar, The Heart Part 4.

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