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La Flame

La Flame (slang)

Type: noun, slang, nickname

Pronunciation: /lah-flehm/

What does La Flame mean?

Travis Scott’s nickname.

Other Travis Scott Nicknames: Trav, Jack

Travis Scott’s real name: Jacques Berman Webster II

Example sentence: “Travis Scott also goes by La Flame.

La Flame in songs:

“Since ‘012, La Flame been hot just to show you the timeframe” – Travis Scott, Hot (Remix).

“Me and La Flame, is you not entertained?” – Kanye West, Piss on Your Grave.

La Flame Don Juan young nigga pimpin” – Travis Scott, Swang (Remix).

“One hit, one touch, La Flame” – Travis Scott, Moon Rock.

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La Flame
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La Flame

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