Deep pockets

Deep pockets (phrase)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /deeep-pokets/

Also spelled or known as: Deep-pockets, Deeppockets

What does Deep pockets mean?

To have a lot of money.

Deep pockets Synonyms: Rich, Breaded, Caked, Caked up

Example sentence: “Elon Musk has deep pockets.”

Deep pockets in songs:

“I never came from deep pockets, Why can’t I make a deposit?” – EARTHGANG, Jermaine’s Interlude.

“I got deep pockets, I swear my shit’s on sink” – Fetty Wap, My Way.

Deep pockets on a nigga, I can’t find my phone in Now we rollin'” – Drake, Deep Pockets.

“And I got deep pockets and she got a deep throat” – Lil Wayne, Runnin Circles.

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Deep pockets
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Deep pockets