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Dammit (slang)

Type: exclamation, phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /dam-it/

Also spelled or known as: Damnit, Damn it

What does Dammit mean?

Damn it; used to express anger.

Dammit Synonyms: Dayum, Darn, Damn

Example sentence:Dammit, I left the chicken out.”

Dammit in songs:

Off-White on the G-Fazo’s Her love’s dead, think it needs a halo I’m in my head, dammit, I think too much Now I’m getting tear stains on the bankrolls” – Juice WRLD, 734.

“I ain’t talkin’ ’bout my niggas, dammit, but y’all trippin’, too Is it you? Damn, my nigga, what the hell got into you?” – Kodak Black, No Flockin.

“Young rich motherfucker still uneducated But dammit a nigga made it” – Rick Ross, Tears of Joy.

“I just cashed out on a flooded Patek It ain’t a big one, but dammit, it’s big enough” – Lil Baby, Money Forever.

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