D-Town (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /D-town/

What does D-Town mean and stand for?

1. Detroit. D-Town is a nickname for Detroit, Michigan.

D-Town Synonyms: The D

2. Dallas. D-Town is a nickname for Dallas, Texas.

Example sentence: “Eminem is from D-Town.”

D-Town in songs:

H-town d-town got ’em screaming already boy” – Lil Keke, Texas Boy.

D-town LAX, every week I bounce back” – Big Sean, Bounce Back.

“When I’m in the D-town, Dallas, wassup bro?” – Soulja Boy, Bird Walk.

“I’m reppinD-Townboi, boi, I do it, I do it” – Big Sean, Quickie (Remix)

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