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Dawgs (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /dawwgs/

Singular: Dawg

What does Dawgs mean?

Very close friends.

Dawgs Synonyms: Homeboys, Broskis, Homies, Bros, Gang, Buddies, Kikos, Whoadies, Woes

Example sentence:I’m going on vacation with my dawgs.”

Dawgs in songs:

I’m with my dawgs, fight with my dawgs, yeah, shoot with my dawgs, yeah” – Playboi Carti, R.I.P..

“’99, took AstroWorld, it had to relocate Told the dawgs I’d bring it back, it was a seal of faith Before, no car notes, baby girl, she played the tourist guide” – Travis Scott, Stargazing.

“I told the judge, “Fuck it”, I’m goin’ on the run You want it, my dawgs ‘ll look out for the bond” – Gunna, Never Recover.

“Krispy Kreme dreams, sometime my dawgs wanna kill 12″ – J. Cole, 9 5 . s o u t h.

Don’t get too involved, we gonknock ya off And to top it off, I’m with all the dawgs” – Drake, Big Rings.

“One of my closest dawgs got three kids and they all three But we always been that type of crew that been good without a plan B” – Drake, Pop That.

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