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Dealin’ (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /deal-in/

Also spelled: Dealing

Related: Deal, Dealer, Drug Dealin’

What does Dealin’ mean?

To be selling drugs.

Dealin’ Synonyms: Drug Dealin’, Slangin’, Servin’, Movin’, Choppin’

Example sentence: “I made sure my mammy know i’m not dealin’ no more.”

Dealin in songs:

“When I was dealin’, it really was killin’ ’em” – Lil Baby, Commercial.

“My cousin got indicted dealin’ cocaine” – Polo G, Heartless.

“Worth 40 M’s is he still dealin’ drugs, Cigarette speedboats, but he’s still with the thugs” – Rick Ross, Rich Forever.

“My niggas came from dealin’” – Young Dolph, 100 Shots.

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