Dat way

Dat way (slang)

Type: phrases, slang

Pronunciation: /dat-way/

Also spelled or known as: That way

Related: Dat

What does Dat way mean?

For real.

Dat way synonyms: That way, Forreal

Example sentence:I’m boutta be rich! Dat way.

Dat way in songs:

“Which way? Dat way, tell ’em, ayy” – Takeoff, Get Right Witcha.

“We cookin’ up, boy, you don’t wanna go dat way” – Tay-K, The Race (Remix).

I’m finna pull up dat way, mazi way, ya dig” – Rich the Kid, Ran It Up.

“Extended dick is by my hip, dat way with the shits” – Fat Nick, Sea Sick.

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Dat way
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Dat way