Dayum (slang)

Type: exclamation, phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /dah-yum/

What does Dayum mean?


Dayum Synonyms: Darn, Dammit

Example sentence:Dayum, baby you are so thick.”

Dayum in songs:

Dayum, you killin’ ’em K-Dizzle And if you don’t killem, then you send ’em to hospitals” – Kendrick Lamar, Warning Shot.

Dayum now that’s a transition Shout out to my homie shorty help me with my pimpin'” – Stunna, Fly.

“Suckas act like they dont know bout J Ain’t a dayum thang hoe bout J” – JT Money, Dank.

“I be on that other shit make them want to curse my government Dayum, hate the game, hate on me And I’m loving it” – Kendrick Lamar, Hater Love.

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