Dealio (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /d-leo/

Also spelled or known as: Dilly

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What does Dealio mean?


Dealio synonyms: Dilly

Example sentence:Yeah right, they already know the dealio.”

Dealio in songs:

“In my spare time, I write rhymes in three What’s the dealio? Sharp like Number 24s free throw” – Logic, Mind of a Maniac.

“Okay, it’s no way they don’t know the dealio” – Kenny Mason, Cereal.

“When I be in the club you already know the dealio V.I.P be full of bad bitches like a video” – Foxx, Loose as a Goose.

Fuck your bitch one time, that’s the dealio” – Young Nudy, Cap Dem.

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