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With it

With it (phrase)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /wit-it/

Also spelled or known as: Wit it, With-it, Withit

Related: With the shits

What does With it mean?

1. To be in agreement.

With it Synonyms: Church

2. To be with a weapon or about the street life.

With it Synonyms: With the shits, Strapped

Example sentence: “He stays with it, don’t try him.”

With it in songs:

“Smokin’ on drugs ’cause there’s too much to deal with SB strapped up in the field with it” – Lil Tjay, F.N.

“Feelin’ like Tyson with it Knock it out twice, I’m with it Only for the night, I’m kiddin'” – Kendrick Lamar, LOVE..

Yo, I stay with it, while you try to perpetrate, play with it” – Xzibit, What’s the Difference.

“My hooks did it, my lyrics did it My spirit did it, I’m fearless with it, yeah” – Drake, Duppy Freestyle.

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With it
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With it