Gotchu (slang)

Type: exclamation, slang

Pronunciation: /got-chu/

Also spelled or known as: Got’chu

Related: Gotcha

What does Gotchu mean?

Got you; I got you or I understood you.

Gotchu Synonyms: Gotcha

Example sentence:Yup i gotchu, i’ll do it tonight.”

Gotchu in songs:

Yung Fiji Water aka Lil Face Tatt Gotchu catchin feelings like you never ever felt that” – Ashley All Day, Yadadamean.

Gotchu fallin from the uppercut, fucked, so what’s up? nigga!” – 2Pac, The Uppercut.

“Everybody ain’t no real nigga, if I say I gotchu, I gotchu When its fucked up, it gets fucked up, just hold it down and keep it solid” – MO3, Errybody Not Your Friend.

“Girl I gotchu, do yo thang i ain’t gon stop you Treat you like a queen them hoes get jealous cause they not you” – Mico Cocky, Somebody.

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