Yat (slang)

Type: noun, slang, UK

Pronunciation: /yat/

Also spelled or known as: Yat’

Related: Yatty

What does Yat mean?

A girl or woman.

Yat Synonyms: Yatty, Homegirl, Bitch

Example sentence: “My yat is coming over tonight.”

Yat in songs:

“I was in the party flexing with a yat” – 67, Live Corn.

“When I don’t text back, I ain’t with a yat, I’m in the bando, baby” – Central Cee, Commitment Issues.

“I know a yat that got attached when she see a thousand” – Double Lz, Daily Duppy.

“I’m in the backseat with a brownin’ yat‘” – E1, Body (Remix).

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