Yatty (slang)

Type: noun, slang, UK

Pronunciation: /yat-e/

Related: Yat

What does Yatty mean?

A girl or woman.

Yatty Synonyms: Yat, Shorty, Shawty, Homegirl, Bitch

Example sentence: “I’m with a yatty, can i call you later?”

Yatty in songs:

“I had beef all ’cause of one yatty I was foolish, mind all scatty” – AJ Tracey, Country Star.

“Had a yatty, in Hackney Big batty, a bit scatty” – Dizzee, Nutcrackerz.

“Got the bread to cop another different type of toy And there ain’t a yatty that I’m trussin” – AJ Tracey, Trekked Like Me.

Two hours after 10, not twenty past 10 See the yatty on my left? That’s a 10″ – Jammz, 10/10 (Remix).

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