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Yapping (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /yap-in/

Also spelled: Yappin

Related: Yap, Yapped, Yaper

What does Yapping mean?

To be talking for a long time.

Yapping Synonyms: Rambling

Example sentence:Babe you’ve been yapping for 10 mins.”

Yapping in songs:

“You doubted it could happen, sick of yapping Jump in your ride, headed to your side” – Nas, Watch Dem Niggas.

“See niggas running their mouth about what the fuck they gon’ do to me But quit the yapping before I proceed to clapping” – The Game, 300 Bars & Runnin’.

“Assassins, I’m stabbed in the back of my cabin Labrador yapping, I’m glad that it happened, I mean it” – Childish Gambino, V. 3005.

“Khaos pull out that forty, he doing too much yapping I am GMOB, we folk can get it cracking” – Fetty Wap, Zoovier.

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