Sexing (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /sex-in/

Also spelled: Sexin’

Related: Sex, Sexed, Sexting

What does Sexing mean?

To be having sexual intercourse.

Sexing Synonyms: Fucking, Screwing, Hitting, Smashing, Piping, Hitting it, Hitting that, Beating, Beating it up

Example sentence: “I love when me and my girl are sexing.”

Sexing in songs:

Gotta tell your old boyfriend skate, girl, ‘cause a nigga don’t play them ex games Nope! Straight sexing, no handcuff or arresting” – J. Cole, Can’t Get Enough.

“Stretch marks, make her self-conscious, I kiss ’em when we sexing Yes it’s the illest bitch around, flawless and brown” – Wale, Illest Bitch.

“You know I love them braces, them big lips, that red skin You know I love the faces she make when we sexing” – Rod Wave, Girl of My Dreams.

“I ain’t worryin’ ’bout no fucking, I ain’t worried ’bout no fucking Does sexing on the late night mean that much to you?” – Future, Throw Away.

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