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Yappin’ (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /yap-in/

Also spelled: Yapping

Related: Yap, Yapped, Yaper

What does Yappin’ mean?

To be talking for a long time.

Yappin’ Synonyms: Ramblin’

Example sentence: “My nigga why are you still yappin’, who cares.”

Yappin’ in songs:

“Must have never had your phone tapped All that yappin’ on the phone shit” – Drake, Free Smoke.

“I don’t slack a minute, all that thug rappin’ and gimmicks I will end it, all that yappin’ be finished” – Jay-Z, Takeover.

“Until Ja started yappin’ in magazines how he stabbed him Fuck it, 50, smash him! Mash on him, let him have it” – Eminem, Like Toy Soldiers.

“Everybody keep on yappin’ ’til them .62s get to sparkin'” – Pooh Shiesty, Switch it Up.

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