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Yapped (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /yahpd/

Related: Yap, Yapping, Yappin’, Yapper

What does Yapped mean?

1. To have talked for a long time.

Yapped Synonyms: Blabbed, Rambled

2. To have gotten hit or struck by someone.

Yapped Synonyms: Smacked, Punched, Hit

Example sentence: “All they did was yapped about their cars.”

Yapped in songs:

“As time gets even, never place queries on me You yapped too much about the penny-ante” – Matt Reed, Aubrey (Catch No Feelings).

“Take your thug off, he had it on a bit too long Tuck your chain in, you’re gettin’ yapped” – Havoc, Eyes May Shine (Remix).

“You could be at the gas station and get ya whip jacked Get yapped, pay a nigga bread, get ya shit back” – Jadakiss, New York Minute (Remix).

“Richie had his shit snatched then yapped at a live show That bitch dollar boated yo, Astro screamed on Dino” – Ghostface Killah, The Forest.

“Heard you got yapped (Heard you got yapped) Jewelry snatched (Jewelery snatched) You lost the strap (You lost the strap) Now you want it back?” – Don Q, Oh You the Plug.

“Enough to have the game trapped and bound Scratchin’ the crown with the names of lames who yapped the noun” – MF DOOM, Belize.

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