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Ramblin’ (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /ramb-lin/

Also spelled or known as: Rambling

Related: Ramble, Rambler, Rambling

What does Ramblin’ mean?

To be talking a lot or for a long time with no meaning or specific point.

Ramblin’ Synonyms: Blabbin’

Example sentence: “My math teacher in high school was always ramblin’.”

Ramblin’ in songs:

Don’t get mad at me if I pass out while I’m ramblin’ I’m an animal, an anomaly” – JID, Fried Rice.

“Too excited, no clue on what I should do excited So I’m just typin’, ramblin’ like a fool, excited” – Dave, How I Met My Ex.

I’m just ramblin’ You want war? It’s N64, Blitz Champion” – Mac Miller, Rush Hour.

“Go to any nigga with money up in my bracket Then I think about the state of rapping All the freshmens in the classes All the super seniors’ mumblin’ and ramblin’ Mumblin’ and rappin’, mumble rapping?” – A$AP Rocky, Potato Salad.

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