Type: noun, greeting, slang

Pronunciation: /wag-one/

Also spelled or known as: Wagwon

What does Wagwan mean?

“What’s going on?” in Jamaican Patois.

Wagwan Synonyms: Yo, Whatsup, Waddup, Wassup, Ayo

Example sentence:Wagwan my broski, how you been?.”

Wagwan in songs:

Wagwan, we get it done” Logic, Soul Food II.

“I dunno wagwan for your intentions fam” – Jme, Calm.

“Might see me say “wagwan” when I see them but the truth is I don’t trust these niggas” – Frisco, 2 + 2 x 2.

Wagwan, baby, how the body?” – J Hus, Cucumber.

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