Suwoop (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /sue-woo/

Also known or spelled as: Soowoo, Suwoo, Suu whoop

What does Suwoop mean?

A gang calling, greeting, salute or acknowledgement between Blood gang members.

Suwoop Synonyms: Suwoo, Whoopty

Example sentence:Suwoop, wassup blood.”

Suwoop in songs:

“She had it Suwoop red then she turn it money green” – Quavo, Dennis Rodman.

I’m that young Piru, Suwoop gang, fly ass nigga” – YG, Hard Bottoms & White Socks.

“Leave a stain on your wifebeater, same color suwoop” – 9lokkNine, 10 Percent.

Suwoop put the pole on lilbuddy, they said The Game strippin'” – Kodak Black, Expeditiously

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