Hard in the paint


Hard in the paint

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /hard-in-d-paint/

Also spelled or known as: Hard in da paint

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What does Hard in the paint mean?

To work resiliently at something and give it your all.

Hard in the paint Synonyms: Grind, Hustle

Example sentence: “Sorry i couldn’t call earlier, i was going hard in the paint.

Hard in the paint in songs:

Hard in the paint, change my name to John Wall” – Lil Baby, Freestyle.

“Yeah, I’ve been hard in the paint, not a single assist” – Logic, Wrist.

“I’m hard in the paint like I fuck her on her period” – Childish Gambino, My Shine.

“Goin’ hard in the paint, Andre Drummond” – Lil Wayne, For Nothing.

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