Penitentiary (noun)

Type: noun

Pronunciation: /penny-tenery/

Related: Pen

What does Penitentiary mean?

A prison.

Penitentiary Synonyms: Up north, Cage, Pen, Box, Can, Central booking, Kennel

Example sentence: “He got sent to the penitentiary for the evil crime.”

Penitentiary in songs:

Peep how we do it, keep it real as penitentiary steel” – 2Pac, Hit ’Em Up.

“That’s what you’re tellin’ me, penitentiary would only hire me” – Kendrick Lamar, The Blacker the Berry.

Lil’ Kodak, they don’t like to see you winnin’, They wanna see you in the penitentiary” – Kodak Black, Tunnel Vision.

Penitentiary chances just to make a couple bucks” – 21 Savage, ​a lot.

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