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Up north trip

Up north trip (slang)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /up-north-trip/

Also spelled or known as: Up-north-trip

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What does Up north trip mean?

To have been sent to jail or prison.

Example sentence: “He took an up north trip for a few months.”

Up north trip in songs:

“Running from one-time, ain’t no time to slip Make one false move and it’s a up north trip” – Mobb Deep, Up North Trip.

“Never the one to fuck all the slick deals But what’s close could’ve had that up north trip for real” – George Kaplan, Up North Trip.

Gotta watch my yap, we know they phone tapping, bet Ain’t no rapping on my up north trip” – John Smith, Hard Rimes.

Chopping up sounds, tapping on instruments Live from the Atlantic, up north trip” – Ambition, Home Team.

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Up north trip
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Up north trip