Chinchilla (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /chin-chee-la/

What does Chinchilla mean?

A fur coat made with chinchilla fur.

Example sentence: “He had a chinchilla on in the video.”

Chinchilla in songs:

“Rich nigga since birth, Louis V chinchilla Bought a brand new Rover, drive it like a four wheeler” – Future, Chosen One.

“Rubbin’ on yo chin, sippin gin, Margiela brand chinchilla Everything’s good” – Chance the Rapper, Everything’s Good (Good Ass Outro).

“She askin’ me where my umbrella Fox fur, put on my mink, chinchilla” – Takeoff, Wishy Washy.

“Tyga, chinchilla, really ain’t no penny pinchin’ Knew that you would never visit BG” – Rick Ross, Idols Become Rivals.

“See, niggas get tight when you worth some millions This is why I sport the chinchilla: to hurt they feelings” – Fat Joe, Lean Back.

“We ’bout it, ’bout it, we rowdy, rowdy, that Percy Miller For really real, we chilly chill, don’t sport Chinchilla” – A$AP Rocky, Palace.

“Oh my chinchilla blue, blue, you ever dealt with a dealer” – Cam’ron, Gone.

“In the winter, buy your ho a chinchilla” – 6ix9ine, MAMA.

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