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Slipping (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /sliip-in/

Also spelled or known as: Slippin

Related: Slip, Slippin’, Slipped

What does Slipping mean?

To be falling short, messing up, or not paying attention.

Slipping Synonyms: Lacking

Example sentence: “We are always alert, never slipping.”

Slipping in songs:

“I see you slipping boy don’t make me pick your label up Scottie Pippen on the dribble I just laid ’em up” – Rick Ross, Dope.

“Cool cuts flow, the deli can’t touch this Slipping like fishes, choking when you hit the cypher” – Kirk Knight, Third Eye Shit / Suspect.

“Because I caught you slipping, left you no choice You ever cry again, it’s gon’ be in a Rolls Royce” – Meek Mill, You Stay.

Toting that fire, I be trippin’ I just might die how I’m livin’ Ain’t take no bath, but I’m drippin’ Niggas ain’t catching me slipping, ayy, yeah” – Kodak Black, Calling My Spirit.

“I wasn’t in love with them hoes, I was just pimping baby I knew my part, knew my role, I wasn’t slipping baby” – Yung Bleu, Miss It.

“Catch you slipping from the backside, then knock you out Ace gon’ stomp you out, then Buddah gon’ stomp you out” – YG, My Nigga (Remix).

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