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Slipped up

Slipped up (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /sliipd-up/

Related: Slip, Slippin’, Slipping, Slipped

What does Slipped up mean?

To have fallen short, messed up, or not paid attention.

Slipped up Synonyms: Lacked

Example sentence:I’m sorry I slipped up.”

Slipped up in songs:

“You ain’t right, you get left, you slipped up, you ain’t havin'” – King Von, Armed & Dangerous.

“FaceTime the fam, my son smilin’ every time I call Back then, I slipped up, I got artwork on them county walls” – Polo G, Don’t Believe The Hype.

“You slipped up a few times, I gave you a pass So don’t say I ain’t sympathetic” – Kendrick Lamar, I Hate You.

I’m comin’ down when I’m tippin’ on them 4′ (Yeah)s Cause we shittin’ on these, shittin’ on these niggas and these hoes Cause that purp shit I sip up, your bitch chose, you slipped up I get-get my dick licked, I’m draped out, drip-dripped up” – A$AP Rocky, Trilla.

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Slipped up
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Slipped up