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Slipped (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /sliipd/

Related: Slip, Slippin’, Slipping, Slipped up

What does Slipped mean?

1. To have fallen short, messed up, or not paid attention.

Slipped Synonyms: Lacked

2. To have given or taken.

Example sentence: “Remember when the opps slipped.”

Slipped in songs:

“My main man had two strikes, slipped, got arrested, and flipped He screamed “Thug Life!” and emptied the clip” – 2Pac, Runnin’ (Dying to Live).

“I been close to the edge, I been trippin’ and stuff Somebody slipped me a mickey but I ain’t giving a fuck” – Chance the Rapper, Somewhere in Paradise.

Work for me, I’m so handsome (Ooh, yeah) I just slipped a bean” – Travis Scott, RaRa.

“Went from good fella to commissary slips Now I got back up man every time I slipped” – Danny Brown, Grown up.

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