Slab (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /slahb/

Plural: Slabs

What does Slab mean?

A low-rider.

Slab Synonyms: Low-low

Example sentence: “We got a slab for the music video.”

Slab in songs:

“I’m leaning on the switch, sitting crooked in my slab” – Paul Wall, Drive Slow.

“Say that’s your new car? Nigga, that’s my old slab” – Big K.R.I.T., They Ready.

“I came in, I just pulled up with the slab, She don’t know her father but lilmama call me dad” – Tory Lanez, Shooters.

Drop the top on the slab like “man”, Off the top of the dome like “man”” – Travis Scott, R.I.P. SCREW.

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