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School (slang) Type: noun, verb, slang Pronunciation: /skool/ Related: Schooled, Schoolin’ What does School mean? 1. A place people go to learn. 2. To educate someone. 3. To beat someone and show them how it’s done. School Synonyms: Teach Example sentence: “If you keep talking that shit, i’m gonna school you.” School in songs: “Sit […]

School of Hard knocks


School of hard knocks (slang) Type: noun, phrase, slang Pronunciation: /skool-hard-nocks/ Also spelled or known as: Skool of hard knocks, The school of hard knocks Related: Hard knocks, Hard knock, Hard knock life What does School of hard knocks mean? Experiences and lessons learned while having a life full of difficulties, pain, and/or struggles. School […]